Parallel Gallery
and Journal

Artist notes:

MICHAEL GRIMM 6 July 1995 Michael is currently working in multi-media, computer generated imagery and lo-fi technology. He plays in art administration and meets people, and is also interested in the cultural interface between Australia and Asia.

BRONIA IWANCZK 6 July 1995 is an artist and freelance graphic designer based in Adelaide. She recently travelled to Warsaw for the purposes of research. Her practice currently deals with the intra-psychic relationships between the ruinous site - warscape - and language/sexuality.

ANDREW PETRUSEVICS 6 July 1995 is a multi-function multi-media artist working on the web as Andypc.

LYNNE SANDERSON 6 July 1995 is an Adelaide-based visual artist whose work has been exhibited nationally and internationally. Working with sound designer Peter Sansom, under the pseudonym SustEnancE, she creates 'techno'-orientated animations that explore the wierd and wonderful spaces of desire.

SUZANNE TREISTER 6 July 1995 is a UK artist who lives and works in Adelaide, Australia. Her most recent solo show was in Tokyo in February 1995. In August 1995 she will be participating in exhibitions in Melbourne and Canberra dealing with women and technology.

STEVE WIGG 6 July 1995 is a middle-aged artist and theorist living in the suburbs who occasionally meets very young people with computers.