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Siting the Body
footnote 8

Etymological roots are indicated by the sign ç.

Language groups are as follows: SKT: Sanscrt; E: Egyptian; HB: Hebrew; GK: Greek; L: Latin; AS: Anglo Saxon; ME: Middle English; OHG: Old High German; G: German; OFR: Old French; FR: French; IT: Italian; ICL: Icelandic; N: Nordic; SW: Swedish.

HB: sheer = flesh as swelling up; shaar = to swell up, leaven; sheerith = remainder, remnant, residual portion; çSHOUR = sign of harmonic proportion (SH) joined to that of integral motion (R) = that which is directed according to constant and just laws; that which liberates, opens, resolves, produces; navel; that which is solid, resistant, tenacious, vigorous, strong - wall, carapace; çSHIR = that which is measured, coordinated, just, conformable to universal harmony - musical chant, melody, government.