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Siting the Body
footnote 16

Etymological roots are indicated by the sign ç.

Language groups are as follows: SKT: Sanscrt; E: Egyptian; HB: Hebrew; GK: Greek; L: Latin; AS: Anglo Saxon; ME: Middle English; OHG: Old High German; G: German; OFR: Old French; FR: French; IT: Italian; ICL: Icelandic; N: Nordic; SW: Swedish.

HB: chashak = obscurity, witholding light, hide, restrain, refrain, spare; chashach = to be ready, to be necessary; chashab = plait, fold, weave, fabricate, interpenetrate; devise, invent, purpose, reason; chashah = be silent, hold peace, be still; choshen = to contain or sparkle; chashaq = cling, join, love, delight in, deliver; çCHESH = internal ardour seeking to distend, central fire; the two senses of darkness (chashak) are a centralising, contractive force - but also a disorganised, and, infertile, self-devouring, self-destructive power. On energeia - the power to not-not be - see Agamben, G. The Coming Community. University of Minnesota Press. Minneapolis, 1993: 34-5; and on manifestation as exhuberance of the One which cannot-not overflow, see Plotinus, The Enneads, Penguin. Harmondsworth, 1991: V.1 - "what are we to conceive as rising in the neighborhood of that immobility? It must be a circumradiation... all that is fully achieved engenders: therefore the eternally achieved engenders eternally an eternal being"; cf. V.2,1; and V.4,1.