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Siting the Body
footnote 20

Etymological roots are indicated by the sign ç.

Language groups are as follows: SKT: Sanscrt; E: Egyptian; HB: Hebrew; GK: Greek; L: Latin; AS: Anglo Saxon; ME: Middle English; OHG: Old High German; G: German; OFR: Old French; FR: French; IT: Italian; ICL: Icelandic; N: Nordic; SW: Swedish.

HB: kiryah - from karah = to light upon, bring about; to appoint, lay (beams for) floors or roofs; cf. keriyowth = buildings; kiryath = city (cf. words related through ÖKHA to notions of covering, hiding, horned, projecting, etc. - chaos, scull, cave, cabin, etc.); karab = bring near, approach, bring forth; kerab = war, hostile encounter; kereb = the nearest part, centre, midst, therein; karob = near (in place, time or kindred); kinsfolk, neighbour.