Hello, my name is dave and this is one of my spaces. Do you like it? I hope you do.

This is where you'll find out more about me, what I like and what I do. This is the place to stop by if you want to hire me, fire me, flatter me or batter me. If you want to know what I am doing more immediately, try my development server (http://dave.va.com.au.

What did I do before I became a virtual artist? Well I was a newspaper publisher, owned a bike courier company, used to program macintoshes and started a desktop publishing company, back when no-one else was. My Curriculum Vitae spills the beans.

I have two new exhibitions online as of Sunday 1 March 1998.

Here's a funny thing. Have you ever tried doing an Alta Vista search on your own name? It sure turns up some weird and wonderful results.

I've started playing with shockwave. My first attempt is a bit simple but yet kinda cute attempt to inteact with my bryce beetle. My second attempt is a little more complex but still nothing to write home about.

I've been helping my friend Paul Champion with a web page for his band Flat Stanley. They are cool.

My latest art exhibition is open. Race over to the parallel gallery & journal and click on the button marked dave sag.

Just for fun I've taken to diving into random people's web sites and manipulating their pictures. The last victim of my stray manipulations was Jeff Cook's daughter Mika. Moohaha...

shite.logo I've got a fan! Yebah grandma, Steve Hite is a 3D Image freak and non stop party good guy and made mny site Number One on his top ten web sites list.

I went away on Holiday with my friend Kirsty. We had lots of adventures up and down the Eastern Coast of Australia.

Just to shit you all off, I went away on another Holiday with my friend Kirsty. This time we were heavily funded by Autopsy Press (web site pending right guys) in order that we should write a book for them. That book, called Coasting has been published but not by us! Legal action is pending.

The adelaide cyberfringe is officially over but the web site remains. Have a play, it's very interactive and even won an award.

I've been interviewed! If you have bandwidth to burn and can handle 9 megs or so of quicktime in one go then click here to see and hear me chat about the net and where I think it's all going.
(I was interviewed for 'Way Chillin' by Amanda Finnis.)

Links to much of my other stuff including

  • art.
  • poems,
  • experiments with fractal music

  • short story: The Second worst place I've ever lived. Some people have told me this is funny. They wern't there.
  • short story: On the inside... I got the joy of a night in gaol and in exchange wiped out over $900 worth of speeding fines. Was it worth it?.

  • my contribution to the OTIS Birthday Panic

  • There's always Womadelaide to keep you warm as well.

  • I built a web site for The Mark of Cain - an amazing Adelaide band. This site became the victim of a cool site of the day.

  • Pararllel Two is open and contains an exhibit by me. Check it out.
  • and of course what home page is complete without links to other links? go net surfin' crazy.

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