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with an emphasis on postmodernism and poststructuralism

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PARALLEL Gallery and Journal presents work from artists and writers who are multi-disciplinary in theory and in practice.

Each participant moves between mediums. And so do Virtual Artists and Hewson/Walker, who bring you this project.

The site covers a spectrum of interests - film, video, fiction, language, sexualities, death, criticism - all of which, and others, will be attended to by PARALLEL on an on-going basis.

The artists and writers offer an analysis of electronic culture, whilst embracing it.

We wish PARALLEL to be fluid rather than episodic. Accordingly, we will frequently add new work to the site. The site will cross-reference by chance and by intention.

And we gratefully acknowledge the support of our enablers, Camtech and Apple.

Virtual Artists and Hewson/Walker
This site was launched on 6 July 1995 and last modified 27 August


Gallery Journal
opening exhibition:
Michael Grimm
     Men Gossip

Bronia Iwanczak
     The Disaster takes care
     of everything.

Andrew Petrusevics
     The Insistent Orbit

Lynne Sanderson
     The Forbidden Zone

Suzanne Treister
     Q: Would you recognise
        a virtual paradise?

Steve Wigg
     Stain of Occupation

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opening articles:
Zen and Lacan
     Peter Bishop
By The Light Of
The Eternal Flame
     David Broker
Dead Certainties
     Richard Grayson
Learning to live
in the system
Gary Krug Three Brenda Ludeman Decoding Perversity: Queering Cyberspace Jyanni Steffensen The Cutting Edge Lesley Stern Click here for journal abstracts


The Gallery is curated by Paul Hewson.
The Journal is edited by Linda Marie Walker and Paul Hewson (Hewson/Walker).

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Parallel is a Virtual Artists project in conjunction with Hewson/Walker.

"There is no 'central processor' in hyperrhetoric, no set of rules, but a distributed memory, a memory triggered by a cue that spreads through the encyclopedia, the library, the data base ..."

Gregory L Ulmer The Miranda Warnings: An Experiment in Hyperrhetoric in Hypertext Theory, ed. George P. Landow, the Johns Hopkins University Press, Baltimore, 1994

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