Current Advisories (scheduled maintenance, outages etc)

Hosting Services Shutting Down Permanently on May 28 2016.

VA's hosting services will be closing down on May 28 2016. 21 years of running hosting services is enough for Jesse.

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Past Advisories

Some websites are unavailable - 26 November 2012

During power maintenance work one of our servers has suffered a failure. It hosts some websites including VA Webmail. We are moving sites onto new servers to mitigate the issue.

Email and Web Hosting Outage - 28 April 2011

28 April 2011 8:11 CST (UTC+09:30)
One of our servers ("shiraz") is currently offline. This server hosts email and some websites and databases. FTP services on some other servers are also affected by this. Staff are now en route to the data centre.

Update 9:40 AM CST
A hardware fault has been diagnosed and repair work is underway.

Update 11:17 AM CST
Shiraz is up and running again and all services have been restored. Email may take a while to be received as it will be queued on external mail servers.

Update 11:26 AM CST
We will need to reboot shiraz a few times over the course of the next few hours to fully restore normal operational reliability. So there may be a few brief outages (under five minutes).

Update 1:46 PM CST
All services are restored to normality. No more reboots are necessary.

Update 2:30 PM CST
Some email received today may show a date of 1 January 2002 on some email programs (eg Apple Mail). If you sort your inbox by Date Received you may need to scroll back to Jan 1 2002 to see messages that arrived between around 11am and 12pm today.

Email Server - delay receiving messages

5 May 2009 14:22
Virus scanning has been temporarily disabled to speed up the delivery of messages that are queued.

5 May 2009 13:44
We are experiencing a problem receiving emails from external mail servers. The problem is being investigated.