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WOMADELAIDE went out live via the net

What you would have needed

C-U-SeeMe reflector details follow

WOMADelaide went out live to the net for 3 days. Over 60,000 people had the chance to see somethiing they'd only ever imagined was possible. Today this sort of stuff in more commonplace but back in Feburary 1995 cu-seeme was very new.

Cheers and thanks for attending virtually.

Oh yeah, check out the weather here today. Ouch!!

What happened on saturday?

Well now It's early Sunday morning. We've been at it all night again, fiddling with our toys and collating all of the stuff that the squillions of people here have loaded onto these machines. TV are here now so gotta run... cheers and enjoy day 3 of womad.

So what happened on Friday?

It's half past three am Saturday 25th of February and we're all a bit knackered. Jesse, Heather, Francesca, and Karl are sitting here inside this awsome park and debating putting the images of today onto an FTP site.

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