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Jah Wobble's
Invaders of the Heart

UK - Algeria

The unique bass sound of Jah Wobble first grabbed attention in 1978, when Public Image Limited's punk sound launched into the charts. Since leaving PIL, Wobble has worked with a 'who's who' of rock: The Edge, Annie Whitehead, Andy Weatherall and recently with Bjork on Play Dead and Primal Scream on 'Higher Than The Sun'. Formed in the mid-'80s, Invaders of the Heart album credits include the cult classic 'Without Judgement' and 'Rising Above Bedlam' - one of the early '90s' most important albums featuring Visions of You with Sinead O'Connor - and most recently, Take Me to God. Wobble's music is soulfully mesmerising, reflecting the inspiration for the band's name, the ancient troupes of dancers and musicians who healed the hearts of weary travellers by 'invading' them.

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